Watercolor Create 365 Sticky Notes

Me & My Big Ideas

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This pre-punched page includes sticky notes that have been designed to fit perfectly in the daily columns of your week view in The CLASSIC sized Happy Planner™. Sticky notes are the perfect accessory when you need to rearrange your schedule or to do list.

Need to move things around? No problem. You can use these removable sticky notes to rearrange your schedule at any time.

Each package includes:
1 pre-punched page that contains 10 different sticky note pads with 20 self-adhesive notes per design.

Pre-punched page fits into the ring binding of the Create 365 planner and has 10 different sticky note pads, each with 20 sheets, designed to fit into the daily columns of your week view pages. Some pads are die-cut. Most patterns appear to be watercolor painted in Pink Yellow, Lime, Aqua, Violet, Black, and White.